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How soon before the rednecks deny voting for trump/clan?

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I'm guessing 3-6 mos, as the gop Civil War Explodes







Hey cupcake, you better worry about your precious demonTURD potty of MORONS.

THEY are the ones who are totally DESTROYED and relegated to the status or a "regional potty" of losers!!!

Right on!!!!!!!!!

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Hillary received the Majority of Votes



as Gore did




We don't elect Presidents by "popular vote".


But your demonTURD potty has been destroyed at the STATE, LOCAL and NATIONAL level.




Hell, at the rate they are going, they MIGHT find it possible to get elected as dog pooper scooper.

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How soon before the rednecks deny voting for trump/clan?

when will you realize those electing him voted for a mascot, not a leader. We know he is a global progressive heart, mind, body, and soul. But now we can trace all global progressive movements from the inside out.


that escalates the rate of implosion exponentially. Those voting for him know there is no such place as tomorrrow.


so your typecasting caricature nonsense is useless metaphors from someone loathing self containment having only one time to exist currently.

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