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Trump Tower Security Problems

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I was pretty pissed when the Pentagon and WTC were attacked and I was happy that they never made it to the Whitehouse. Unlike the CONS, I love America.


Trump Tower looks like an easy target for terrorists or patriots. You can bet if Robespierre were alive today the top three floors of Trump Tower would be hit with a couple of air buses. There is no way that monstrosity can be protected.





Terrorists are probably making plans to attack it. They are probably studying blueprints, and planning tactics and strategies.


Guarding Trump's whorehouse is going to cost the taxpayers a fortune and be a hassle for New Yorkers. Trump should live in a modest house that is easier to guard and not put so many people are risk but Trump is all about Trump. That is how narcissists are.

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Won't even be close to moochelles bar bill

Does seem I heard Trump saying he won't live in the White House. Needs his gold walls and chair.


Not Live in White House Full-Time The New York Times reported that president-elect Trump has discussed the possibility of living part-time at his New York residence, Trump Tower.


G.W. Bush spent fully one-third of his presidency staying at three primary locations outside Washington, DC — his ranch in Crawford, Texas (490 days), the presidential retreat at Camp David (487 days), and his parents' home in Kennebunkport, Maine (43 days).


You might say, considering all the people who hate Trump, he lowers his odds of survival by staying at the Tower.


Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino says that from a security point of view, Trump's best bet would be his Mar-A-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.


"This is a place where he built from the ground up, for security you can’t get a better location. It has everything Trump Tower doesn’t," he told Inside Edition.


Bongino discussed the difficulties of securing Trump Tower, saying: "I am not just talking about people, I am talking about car bombs, people walking in with an explosive device, I am not just talking about the individual lone gunman. Controlling access is not impossible but it is really, really difficult in Trump Tower."


Hopefully his whole Administration will move into the tower with him.

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