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When Will Hillary Go Public - - - Admit She's A Pathetic Loser?

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No doubt she's being monitored - - - she may take the gas pipe.


With the way things are developing.....and, Trumpy being MORE-than-overwhelmed by what it takes to be President....I'm guessing.....Hillary's simply laying-back, waiting for Trumpy to come running & screaming about how he has no idea what he's doing....and, that the job's too-much, for him, and....rather than ending-up looking like a total fuck-up.....he'd play the honor-bound hero....and, hand-the-job-off to the actual winner; vote-wise.

Yeah.....it'd be a chickenshit way of bailing.....but, Trumpy's fans will always believe any line o' horseshit he serves-up. It'd help them dealing with the fact they'd been supporting a total fuck-up, as well.

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She has no reason to "admit" anything, and won't.


Agreed. She wasn't a good candidate and a lifetime questionable judgment ultimately caused her the big prize. Truthfully, nobody should be shocked. She lost to obama. She had to move to NY to win the one elected office she did hold.

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