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The Fall of the Regressive Left

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It has finally come. Feels good doesn't it?

The Regressive Left has collapsed around the Western World. Nationalistic groups are cropping up all over the Western World. France, Germany, Italy, United States, and the United Kingdom, just to name a few. They tried to shame us didn't they? They tried to corrupt your better senses with their identity politics didn't they? We've heard it all haven't we?


"You are racist if you vote for Brexit!"

"If you want to take care of your country first, you are xenophobic!"

"You are a homophobic, racist, misogynist, islamophobic, and transphobic if you vote for Trump!"

"Protecting your border against wide-spread illegal immigration is racist."

Oh boy. That all fell on deaf ears fortunately.


The fact is the Regressive Left didn't count on so many different people coming behind these various Nationalistic groups did they? Minorities of every type you can imagine voted for Trump and Brexit. "How can this be? Oh they must hate themselves" is what the Regressive Left will tell us.


The fact of the matter is their globalist agenda has left a sour taste in the mouth of the common man. TPP, NAFTA, and several other things I could name have pissed off a lot of common man. They are so oblivious to this they will stand on top of their Ivory Towers and tell us that the Elites are not the problem, it is us that is the problem. The common man is seen as an enemy and is treated as such.

More white males voted for Obama than Hillary. Why? Because in the course of Obama's presidency the Regressive Left became emboldened, cocky, arrogant, and haughty. They attacked white males from every fucking angle imaginable. Calling them rapists, calling them privileged, telling them they are the root of all evils in the world. That their concerns are secondary to all other social justice concerns. They couldn't find work because of the Regressive Left's inaction to illegal immigration, inability to reassess things like NAFTA and TPP, their down nose manner of talking to them, their attitude to their problems.

What happened? They found two populists. One of which was Trump and the other Sanders. Wikileaks told us of the raw corruption in the DNC and fucked Sanders in the ass. Then there was one populist in Trump and a corrupt and vile politician in Clinton. The populist, to the surprise of no one, won handily.


I never thought I'd live to see the day where the Republican candidate would be viewed as the candidate for the common man and the Democrat would be viewed as the corrupt politician. What a wonderful time to be alive.


Now we will witness the Left engage in a civil war. Now those of you who've been paying attention there are two distinct Left's. The Regressive Left with their identity and globalist politics and the more sensible left.


The question is, who will win?



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WOW, this must have blown right by you. LMAO!!


"They are so oblivious to this they will stand on top of their Ivory Towers and tell us that the Elites are not the problem, it is us that is the problem."



So you voted for the billionaire problem I take it? lol

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Who could be more representative of the callous elites than an arrogant golden boy who stiffs his workers on payday.

Those leading people to believe life comes from beyond the moment here?


the irony of this thread is apparent in the title. When the regressive left vanishes, only the progressive left is in charge. doesn't that spark any instinctive curiosity about left wing and right wing semantics of political ideology.

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