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Profile Of A Serious Mistake

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September 27, 2016

"At the time I was writing The Art of the Deal, the story I told myself was this is a book by a modestly well-known real estate developer, inconsequential. What’s the big deal? So if he lies, who really cares? Today he’s running for president for the United States, the most important leadership role in the world. I don’t believe he has a different relationship to the truth than he had then, which is a very thin one.


In a civilized society, we operate on an assumption that what another person is saying to us is factual. If we lose that connection, we’re in chaos. And I fully believe that Trump would pay as little attention to the truth as president as I observed he did 30 years ago when he was making deals to buy up property."



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July 25, 2016

"Starting in late 1985, Schwartz spent eighteen months with Trump—camping out in his office, joining him on his helicopter, tagging along at meetings, and spending weekends with him at his Manhattan apartment and his Florida estate. During that period, Schwartz felt, he had got to know him better than almost anyone else outside the Trump family. Until Schwartz posted the tweet, though, he had not spoken publicly about Trump for decades.


It had never been his ambition to be a ghostwriter, and he had been glad to move on. But, as he watched a replay of the new candidate holding forth for forty-five minutes, he noticed something strange: over the decades, Trump appeared to have convinced himself that he had written the book. Schwartz recalls thinking, “If he could lie about that on Day Onewhen it was so easily refutedhe is likely to lie about anything.”



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Tony Schwartz ans Michael Bloomberg know Trump and his deals very well, and both of them considered him unfit for the job.

In my opinion, that was enough to vote against him,


......But, he's a GREAT ENTERTAINER.....Priority One for Teabaggers, Trumpoids....and, other such folks (with less-than-marginal educations).


I'm guessing that's why his fan-base migrated, so heavily, from the NASCAR-environment.






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The paranoia is deep.


It's a good thing this isn't those old Roman days, or 1935 Germany, etc. ... eh?


Trump is corralled by Pence and his advisors.


Hitlary is gone.


One job well done ... already.


Many more to follow.






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