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The Death of the Demoncrap Potty

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The Demoncrap Potty is dead. Buried. And rotting in the grave.


Face it libtards, Trump managed to completely DESTROY you; it was as easy a picking off little lemmings heading over the cliff.


Now what's left of your precious Demoncraps?

Nothing. And you can blame your god, Obozo.


Republicans NOW control the US Presidency, the US House, the US Senate, 35 Governorship's, 39 Statehouses and the working middle class entirely.


Add to that, there are the Snowflakes who are melting down, the rich libtards who are left in a yammering stupor, and nothing else to look forward to. You have NO "bench" to draw any candidates from and nothing going in your direction.


The likely outcome? A complete split of your Demoncrap Potty! Into the little Snowflake Potty and the unber rich Libtard Potty. A split within your OWN RANKS of losers and whiners.


So the snowflakes get their own potty, the uber rich get their own potty, and the Republicans split your votes for an eternity and you got nothing!


This is going to be a real comedy show watching it happen. And it WILL happen. It IS happening right now!


RIP Demoncraps!

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