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Moore defends Americans who voted for Donald Trump

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Doesn't change what he does for a living and I won't follow anything he projects possible. he is like that broken clock analogy, might get a talking point right but the whole thing he does support is entirely inaccurate the rest of the time.

your hate will make it impossible to come together

How could you and I come together when you won't accept self evident results as physically displaced in plain sight? You are the division, I am the connection of ancestral progression from the ancestry prior to the two siblings my wife and I leave behind when existing the eternity of now here as existing kinetically connected in plain sight, not by mind the possiblities but actually living as sole results of biological molecular migration.


Oops, bet you revert to calling me scientology boy when I just imploded scientology christianity, judeo, Islam, Karma, eastern philosophies, theoretical physics, quantum mechanics, mythology, and the list is historically accurate from the dawn of civilization.


and I know all I will ever be is just another "one male" ancestor eternally separated while alive currently. I understand what equality is not what your(we mind) equal rights pretends to become socially.


I am fucking tired of the corrupted calling me anti-social or negative to their dishonest interpretations.

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your hate will make it impossible to come together

Here evince, use your genius to digest & defend this:

The defender of women's rights, Hillary, took money from countries that treat women like barnyard animals. Or am I wrong?


Saudi woman beheaded for 'witchcraft and sorcery' - CNN.com

Hillary - - - it's simply business.

Jesus - Mary - & Joseph, the woman took money from the most vile - most barbaric cretins on the planet; and bags of shit like evince will defend her actions.

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