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Donald Trump's "To Do" List

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He seems the type that needs to reminded what he's said in the past....like....15-to-20 minutes.



Trump sounds like he's as-desperate, as George Jr., to be a war-time President. It's gotta be the Chickehawk-thing. They never really itch, for a good fight, until they can send other peoples' kids.






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"After reiterating his promise to repeal and replace Obamacare, Donald Trump has indicated he may keep two of the law’s most popular provisions. One is straightforward enough — children up to the age of 26 being allowed to stay on their parents’ plan. The other — preventing insurance companies from denying covering because of pre-existing conditions — offers a perfect illustration of why Trump and most of the other Republicans critics of Obamacare don’t understand the health insurance market.


So lets review what just happened. To guarantee that people with pre-existing conditions can get affordable health insurance, you need to have rules requiring guaranteed issue and community rating. To keep insurance companies in business because of guaranteed issue and community rating, you need to have an individual mandate. And because poor people can’t afford health insurance, you need subsidies. Combine all three, and what you have, in a nutshell, is ... Obamacare."





Another Liberal expressing his desire for something bad to happen to the USA

No surprise here


Hey, Trump's a Chickenhawk (in good standing).


People need to start prepping for our next war-front.


Due to his blatant-racism, I'm guessing he'll be working on "evictions", in Africa.

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Liberal 101 - - - make sure you have a very very short memory.

Trump has not even been sworn in, and already, Liberals are hammering him. The past 8 years of the above is ignored


They'd better learn to love EVERYTHING that happens under their 100% WATCH, as well.


They've got no excuses, now, when the shit hits the fan!

What's your comment on this?

Gotta be cut & dry - - - Liberal 101 replies not accepted.

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What.....you think we should be asking to see Melania's REAL immigration-paperwork?? :huh:

If in question, yes.

Although, I doubt very much, you'll find her on this list. Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial - OJJPAC.org

Daily ( DAILY ! ) American humans are dying at the hands of greasy, uneducated, knuckle dragging illegals. Every fucking day.

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Daily ( DAILY ! ) American humans are dying at the hands of greasy, uneducated, knuckle dragging illegals. Every fucking day.



Well.....at least you Teabaggers won't have to waste any o' your aluminum-collection empire's cash on camo!!!!




I have absolutely no doubt Melania's presence in this country is legal.


Of course, you don't.


You folks (actually) believed there were WMDs, as well. smackhead.gif



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