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I am new here, and I decided to write because what I am seeing happening before my eyes is bothering me, it's angering me and I just can’t take it so out of nowhere I just started wiring, the words keep pouring out of me. I have never really written like this in my adult life I am not a pro and I don't even have a college degree so it probably sucks but fuck it here it goes, this are my thoughts:

I get, it he won the election. I respect democracy, unfortunately under the current electoral laws he won fair and square and we have to accept it. That electoral college thing although I do admit that I secretly wish it could happen but I know that realistically speaking it's a long shot.

After all it's kind of sort of our fault. When Obama got into office that should have been the first thing we tried to change but no we totally forgot how we lost to Bush... instead we got so full of ourselves; first African American president wooo… yes awesome totally fucking cool and an extremely important step to continue pushing the country and society in the right direction I get it but what good is all that for if we then left this happen. I mean think about this: America not only had its first African American president they re-elected him, that shit is eternally written in stone on the pages of history. But no the millenias had to stay home.

Well actually...

Look I don’t believe it matters, whatever puppet sits up there shit never changes because the ones that really are in control are the 1% of the 1% however please keep in mind that usually that only works when the person sitting there is in fact a willing puppet.

Oh! fuck don’t tell me you guys forgot some important shit again, mother fucker, really!

We really need to stop smoking weed! At least during election time because we can’t continue to be so fucking nice and keep forgetting this kind of shit, fuck me! People you can’t forget that this fucking guy believes all the conspiracy theories about the government and he can't wait to get in there and blow shit up and disrupt the shit out of the system, I mean I could be wrong it could just be more of his bulshit lies and he is just a corrupt fucker that just wants to get in there and steal as much money from the government as he can and then live off our taxes getting the best dam security guards money can buy for free, for life! It doesn't matter either way we are royally fucked. I mean sure he will get some change done in politics, shake things up a bit, but at what cost?

So yes we need to protest and we can do that without disrespecting democracy. The most important thing is that the protests need to be peaceful. Because we shouldn't fight hate with more hate. What we need to do is peacefully show them that just because they got a racist president in the white house they will not be able to erase all the hard work that so many worked so hard for, they suffered and bled. So many paid the ultimate price so we can get to where we are today, or 2 days ago before this crap happened, whatever you know what I mean.

So for all the nameless fallen victims and their families we can't let this stand. And if this time around some of us need to pay the ultimate price well I don't know about you but I am a father and I rather die trying to write this wrong than live to not only see my son suffer but he will know I did nothing to stop this.

Its also important to protest so the world can see that this is not who we are, he does not represent us. America is not racists.

We need to protest to show the 1% of the 1% and the politicians they control that we are totally completely fucking tired of their corrupt asses that we hate them that we rather stay home and let this racist fucking clown govern for 4 years and put our country at risk of total destruction by starting a nuclear war.


Oh I am sorry did you miss something again,

-“puff! Puff!.... Haa! What did you say”-


Mother fucker! Again! Really once again you are missing some important shit: voter turnout was at a 20-year low.

At least this just happened it's not too late you can pay attention. And then ask yourself: why did so many people stay home?

Well because for years now they have been trying to tell you that this system is no good, we need to change this shit and when we tell you that 9/11 was an inside yob you tell us that we are crazy that we are just some kind of crazy conspiracy theorist...

WAKE THE FUCK UP! Open your eyes! They keep shouting at you. They don't know how else to say it.

I hear them but apparently you don't.


We need to take the system back we need to demand change and if we don't get it then fuck it we need to rise up and take it.

Look I get it we the human race are procrastinators by nature, if someone tells us that we must do something now because if we don’t in 15 - 20 years we will all be fucked, and you know what happens? Nothing! we don't do shit! But 15 - 20 years later when it's too fucking late and shit hits the fan, humanity wakes the fuck up, pulls some incredible crazy smart shit, some bad stuff happens it affects us a bit, the problem gets fixed, humanity overcomes its downfall or whatever and everyone moves on… well that's exactly what this is: Shit has literally just hit the fan, do something. FIX IT!!

And yes millions of people stayed home and allowed this to happen because they have literally tried to open your eyes in every way possible and nothing worked so they let shit hit the fan because many of them believe that if it's going to take 4 years of living through a Trump presidency suffering and fighting so we can get you to rise up and fight shoulder to shoulder with us to reform this corrupt system then so be it. 4 years of fear so we can turn things around once we kick him out of office so we can continue to build a better future for our children.

I am ready, I think… fuuuuck what did we just do.


Sat, Nov 12 2016 3am

PS: can you please stop getting your information from mass media, stop being lazy, go on do some research, yes you actually have to read and shit look for information yourself, question everything, don't believe their stupid lies.



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