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Someone please help me get this to cnn..they need my help !!!!(lol) what they show Americans about Islam 80-90 percent..Muslims blowing people up we need change ASAP I am guessing that at least 80 per cent of Americans know more about the Kardashians than they do about Islam..more Americans can name EVERY Kardashians than can name 3 prominent Muslims and apparently more way more Americans know where the Kardashians live than know where all epoxy is!!! I beg someone implore someone to help change this view please please please go to Detroit and show the beautiful Muslim community show them DOING AMERICA THINGS!!!! Playing baseball ..hockey..eating pizza going to chuck cheese show America this side of what they do not know about this beautiful community..I truly believe that if the media sheds this light on this problem it can heal a bit if the average American sees these great people being and doing fun American things I am very confident that confused Americans will see them in a new light!!!!


Imeant know where Aleppo is lol lol

I suck at posting!!!

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