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Watched Lawrence O'donnel last night


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About a week ago I watched him smugly smile on national TV and break the news that 28% of republicans in Florida were voting for Clinton.


28% were crossing over.


This was quickly parroted right here on this Forum by ES and others who also smugly agreed with Lawrence that Republicans were finished, their candidate was terrible, and the party was on it's last leg.


The gentlemen of course was not only wrong but a democratic operative. Proven on his own website where he explained he was a Democrat campaign contributor.


Smug Lawrence laughed about how fast Trump's concession speech would be and how the people of Florida and the rest of the country would never elect him. How Clinton's path to victory was assured and how huge her advantage was in the electoral college. All smug, all smiles.


Last night....the whole show was a constant theme of how we need to do away with the electoral college.


While we also need to heed the protesters who say Trump is never their president.


I never actually thought it was true....but Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.



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The hardcore extremist left is not guided by the moral high ground they like to present on its face. They will do an immediate 180 according to their political bias.


They are for free speech, except when they don't agree with it. When that happens, the speech becomse "hate speech". Their definition of "hate speech" is as openly broad as their definition of "assault weapon".


They are for mass protests, except when they don't agree with the protesters. They will excuse all the violence and fires being set by these current protesters, because they agree with them.


They are against the death penalty, police violence and drones, except when they don't agree with the target. The left suddenly liked the idea of police violence, drone missiles and on-the-spot executions when it came to people like the Bundy's.


When something terrible happens in the news, such as the burning of a Democratic Office, the left immediately assumes the right did it. When the same thing happens to a Republican Office, the left immediately assumes it is a false flag operation and the right did it. Therefore, they leave themselves forever blameless.


The left absolutely goes nuts when stereotypes are made of blacks, Muslims, gays, women, etc; but they strangely find stereotyping the right, the South, rednecks, Trump supporters, etc to be perfectly fine. Remember how they howled when Trump bashed Mexicans with sterotypes? They seemed pretty ok with Hillary stereotyping Trump supporters as "deplorables".


The absolutely hate any and all topics that even remotely put Islam in a bad light, but they certainly have a lot of fun bashing Christianity. (I'm an Atheist, but I see this.)


When you show them a news story of a group of black people beating up or otherwise wronging white people, they get mad and say "that doesn't represent black people, you are racist for even showing the story". Yet when the situation is reversed, all the sudden it represents all white people.


They love to have selective memory with guns. When someone shoots a bunch of people, that is proof civilians should not have guns because they can't be trusted. Show them some news of cops missing their targets and injuring or killing innocent bystanders, having their guns stolen, shooting unarmed suspects, and all the sudden they start ignoring you.


Before this election result took over everything, they were going on and on about that white guy that killed two police officers; blaming all white people. They seemed to forget not long ago, at a Black Lives Matter rally, a black man used his sniper skills to take out several cops. They have selective memory like that.


So the left holds no moral high ground what-so-ever. They will change their beliefs in a heart beat depending on what way the wind is blowing their political bias.

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