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Let's attack Trump people with baseball bats......


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Gotta love it when Hollywood loses.....



Actress Lea DeLaria found herself in hot water after she wrote on Instagram that she wanted to "take out" Republicans and Independents with a baseball bat.


DeLaria, best known for her role as Big Boo on "Orange Is the New Black," shared a Leonard Bernstein quote on Instagram about responding to violence through music.


She captioned the quote by suggesting a different response to voilence writing, "Or pick up a baseball bat and take out every f--king republican and independent I see. #f--ktrump #f--ktheGOP #f--kstraightwhiteamerica #f--kyourprivilege."


Michael Moore to Democrats: I told you Trump was going to win


Fans immediately responded against DeLaria's post.


"Why spread violence??? Baseball bats? This makes your argument weak and you are not weak. Strengthen your argument not raise your voice and threaten people with harsh painful words," one user wrote.


Another said, "You're demonstrating the issues you claim to be preaching against."


"no one said you or anyone else weren't allowed to be angry. BUT threatening violence is not ok. It's actually what all the liberal and Hillary voters preached against. So much hypocrisy," one commenter posted.

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Dems are against democracy and the trashing of the cities proves it AGAIN. The dems will stoop to any low. They are doing it all for you. They know what is best for you and you are just too dumb to know what is best for you. Burning and looting are what dems do. Get used to it. Cities will just lose more jobs and more cities will fail. Dems want this. Dems are Communists.

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They are the real deplorables

Exactly. But it's good they are showing their true colors.

Lab Rat (my squeeze) and I went out to dinner tonight and I got to watch some CNN.


They actually said it was Trumps fault for all the violence and vandalism across the nation.

They never take responsibility for what they do. Never.

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