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Trump and Health Care


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Still hanging onto that old Capitalist thingy.


Last call for health care?

Tens of thousands of Americans are rushing to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act after Mr. Trump’s victory as revitalized Republicans vow to repeal the law.

Sylvia Mathews Burwell, the secretary of health and human services, reported that more than 100,000 people selected health plans on Wednesday through HealthCare.gov. It was, she said on Twitter Thursday, the “best day yet” in the current open-enrollment period, which began Nov. 1 and ends Jan. 31.

Even though premiums on the Affordable Care Act exchanges have increased sharply in many parts of the country, federal officials say most consumers can still find coverage for less than $100 a month, after subsidies help defray the cost.

Mr. Trump has said he will “completely repeal Obamacare,” but has not said in detail how he would replace it. Instead of the subsidies now available to most people buying insurance through the online marketplace, Mr. Trump wants to allow people to take tax deductions equal to their premiums.

“We had a very detailed meeting, and we’re going to lower taxes, as you know, health care, we’re going to make it affordable. We are going to do a real job on health care.”

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I'm waiting to hear what he's going to replace it with.


Or if he's just another one of his Deplorables, finding it easier to destroy than to create.

Considering the disaster Obamacare is perhaps we need more ideas Lion...


Where's my $2500?

I thought I could keep my own doctor?


Rates went up 116% in AZ...


Wanna explain?

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The insurance industry has always increased their insurance rates beyond reality let's not kid ourselves. This is what brought on the calls for medicare single payer insurance.


"Mr. Trump wants to allow people to take tax deductions equal to their premiums." How is this NOT a subsidy? This will work only for those who have money up front to pay for it.


Doing away with it may not be so easy.


There are tons of parents on all sides of the aisle that have been able to keep their college age children on their policies until age 26 and the parents love this.


Kicking Obamacare out of the way means people with existing conditions can no longer be covered ---- won't the insurance industry love this.


Eliminating both of the above will allow the insurance industry to increase the cost of insurance to all of those who are still able to afford insurance.


Returning back to the days before ObamaCare will reinstate annual double digit increases,less coverage for more money,higher deductibles and co-pays,denying health care treatment at will etc etc etc.


Why do people with lots of money want to have their insurance rates increased?


Why would people wealthy enough to self insure want to pay out more for health care and pharmaceuticals?


The health care industry/insurance industry has been receiving trillions of tax dollars for many many many years subsidizing the industry beyond reality at their rip off rates. For about 60% of those insured.


Under single payer those trillions could very likely cover all in America = huge savings to even the wealthiest in the nation.

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Rates DOUBLED under the AWOL Oil Puppet and 'snake' cheney



I didn't hear a peep from the rednecks


But under Obamacare we were sold something that never happened...


Even Bill Clinton called it crazy......

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But under Obamacare we were sold something that never happened...


Even Bill Clinton called it crazy......



Don't trust anything the Clinton's say about anything. The Clinton's are puppets of the medical insurance industry and the big banks.


"But under Obamacare we were sold something that never happened..." That is largely the fault of the right wing libertarian GOP and Blue Dog democrats which are an obstacle to anything that might serve the majority of taxpayers.


The medical insurance industry and pharmaceutical industry spend big bucks on political campaigns. Who pays for that? The majority of people in the United States each time a health care need is applied.


When Obamacare and single payer were being discussed the insurance industry was blowing $1.4 million healthcare dollars a day by way of the Chamber of Commerce and other lobbyists to stop both of those. BTW the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry provide 8 lobbyists per elected official. WE THE CONSUMER GET STUCK WITH THIS BILL.


In Libby,Montana a blue dog secretly amended Obamacare so Libby,Montana would be served with Medicare for All forever. Why? Because a huge campaign contributor also

a toxic chemical fertilizer polluter had contaminated the community beyond reality got bailed out by the conservative blue dog democrats. ALL OF US ARE PAYING FOR THAT


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