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Been a while; Glad Gun Control Is Dead.

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I voted for Clinton and did a GOP down ticket. My reasons were the market trends showed it going up when Clinton got good news and down when Trump did. I was afraid of a market crash due to a Trump win. I voted a GOP down ticket, because I wanted the GOP to keep the House to prevent Clinton from enacting gun control.


Well, obviously the market didn't crash. I don't know why, but my portfolio is certainly loving the new highs.


Now to gun control:


It is dead; the final nail has been driven into it and I could not be happier. Trump will fill Scalia's seat with a pro gun justice and there is a real chance he will get to appoint a few more pro gun justices. This is all great news for "assault weapons". That idiot attorney general in Mass, Maura Healy, unconstitutionally redefined their state assault weapon ban to stop the sale of all semi-automatic rifles in her state. That will go to a Trump court and ultimately cause all assault weapon bans in the country to be ruled unconstitutional.


If you are a gun control advocate, your worst nightmare has happened. You lose. Game over.




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