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Tavis Smiley: Love And Justice Lost, Hatred And Revenge Won

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PBS host Tavis Smiley reacted to Donald Trumps presidential victory, telling MSNBCs Lawrence ODonnell on Wednesday that America showed its true colors.


What I saw last night was not red, white and blue as [President Barack Obama] would have us believe from his remarks earlier today, Smiley said. Love and justice lost last night. Hatred and revenge won last night.

Hard to believe this is the same Tavis Smiley who back in the 1990s exposed the truth in one of the worst of the Clinton scandals.


You see, Tavis Smiley was the one who interviewed Colonel Gormley, the AFIP pathologist who signed off on Ron Browns death saying it was an accident. And during that live interview on his BET Tonight program, Gormley immediately attacked the other pathologists (who were under a gag order at the time, much like Comey has the other FBI agents) and regurgitated the official line that the hole in Browns head that caused his death was due to blunt force trauma in a plane crash. Gormley stated that one could rule out a bullet wound (which the other Air Force pathologists had come forward to suggest was a possibility) because no brain matter was visible in the wound. He also stated that the x-rays taken during the examination showed no trace of a bullet injury. And he denied that two sets of x-rays existed.


But then, on live TV, Tavis confronted Gormley with a photograph taken during the examination by CPO Janoski, which clearly showed brain matter in the visible wound. He'd caught Gormley in a bald faced lie. And he then pressed the issue, like a good journalist should. Gormley ended up admitting that brain matter was indeed visible, excusing his former statements as a "memory lapse". Gormley then acknowledged that the hole was a "red flag" which should have triggered a further inquiry (i.e., an autopsy). Then Gormley admitted that he didnt pursue an autopsy on orders from the highest levels of the Commerce Department, Joint Chiefs of Staff, DoD and the White House. All of that, LIVE on Tavis show.


Next, Tavis confronted Gormley with copies of Janoski's x-ray slides, proving that 2 sets of x-rays did in fact exist. Gormley again immediately changed his story. He said that this first set of x-rays (the ones he was being shown) had been "lost" so that a second set was required. It was then pointed out that the Janoski x-rays slides show signs of a "lead snowstorm" ... a bullet wound, which he didn't refute during the interview. Only later would he claim the flecks of metallic density near the eyesocket in the frontal x-ray were caused by a defect in the reusable X-ray film cassettes (thus dropping the "lost slides" explanation). But Janoski, considered an expert on cameras and film by the Air Force, responded that this could not be true since none of the other images from that day showed this so-called defect ... so the cassette could not be the cause.


All in all, the interview was a complete disaster for the official Clinton story.


It strongly suggested that a coverup of a mass murder had indeed occurred in the Clinton White House.


Smiley and his black constituents should have followed up on it because it stunk of a coverup.


The coverup of a murder to silence Ron Brown ... one of the Black Community's ICONS.


But Smiley was either bought off or threatened and simply dropped the issue, just like Jesse Jackson did at the same time.


And thus, Clinton, the *first* black President, survived.


And that led to Obama.


And now he's out defending the Clintons.


Tavis Smiley is a PARTY to the coverup of a murder, folks.


And he knows it.


He has NOTHING of value to say to America any longer.


Not unless he goes and digs out that interview and raises the issue of what it suggests now in time for the prosecution of the Clintons.


Remember, *Smiley*, there is no statute of limitations on murder, so the issue isn't moot.


And this wasn't just one murder ... over 30 people were killed on that plane.


Including an ICON of the black community.


And yet here you are defending Hillary Clinton's run for the president.


When she may very well have been involved in Brown's murder.


If you are still any sort of real journalist ... go look up the name Zdenka Gast.


Go see how Hillary reacted when that name was brought to her attention during her confirmation hearing for Secretary Of State.


Just saying ...



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Do You Hear Yourself?

Nothing wrong with my ears, racist

Problem is that you think anyone who disagrees with you is racist.

The truth is that anyone that disagrees with you, is smart.

No I don't. I think that everyone who agrees with a racist is a racist too

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Women vote Democrat it's great


Mexicans vote Democrat is great



Gays vote Democrat it's great


Black vote 98% Democrat is great


Whites vote Democrat it's great


But anyone votes Republican is a racist

4 million new millennial voters added to the roles every 4 years.


46.9% of all eligible voters didn't vote this election.


Bernie Sanders has vowed to run a candidate in 4 years.


Just some food for thought while you contemplate your new government.

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