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'Don' Donald Trump


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‘Don’ Donald Trump

Of course, it would be conspiracy theory to say that Donald Trump was actually a mafia don. But are there parallels to the truth? Granted he built a casino and ripped off the workers (street justice) but are there ties between any owner of a casino and the shady underside? There are plenty of reasons to suspect his base, also. What percentage of Trump’s base are the ex-con or ‘Arian Nation’ type who have who have been prison trained…and who organizes their action? His underlings have had shady dealing with Eastern European countries. Is the Russian mob involved? It could be Putin or Putin could be turning his back to the action. Does it make more sense to say that the hacking activity is a part of the Russian government, or the corrupt Russian government? It is hard to believe that there isn’t some sort of organized criminal influence in the whole picture. The Russian mob is often times characterized by its former KGB content. Does Putin have ties with the former Soviet government? There are just too many loose ends for Trump to gain anything but ‘popular approbation’ of the justice system, not matter how much he might spew about crooked Hillary.

Certainly America might fall into Oligarchy (which everybody dreads in the first place) but if there are parallels drawn between Putin and Trump, there is also a dangerous tendency toward nationalization. And any nationalization can lead to rotten consequences… the kind of economic slavery that leads to totalitarianism and war (both conventional and nuclear these days.)

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