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There is an easy, legal, peaceful way to mitigate the damage done by this disastrous election. We will need the help of everyone that cares.

After you read this please share the idea in as many places as you can. I guarantee that the idea will work BUT it will require publicity and promotion.

We lost the Presidency, we are powerless in the House and Senate. What can we do?

THE IDEA IS SIMPLE: Democrats, in mass, flood the local Election Boards to reregister as Republicans. I know that it sounds crazy, but please hear me out.

Imagine for a moment; a republican Congressman or Senator gets a call from the GOP central committee (or perhaps he sees it on the news), hundreds of Democrats have Reregistered as Republicans. Until now - because of his gerrymandered conservative election district - he needed to be the most conservative candidate in the Primary Election; with a large contingency of registered Republicans who are not 'Conservatives', he will need to be less crazy in his positions - or he will lose at the 'Primary Election'. Don't get me wrong, my plan is not going to get 'liberals' elected on the GOP ticket, but it will mitigate and disrupt much of the 'Hard Line' conservative thinking that is being bantered about today. The very reason that an 'alt right' conservative can get nominated, and elected, is the result of intentional and unintentional gerrymandering of election districts across the country. A mass influx of 'liberal' registered Republicans will be the surprise attack, back door, Trojan Horse, that nobody saw coming. As Tim Kaine said "They kilt up but they ain't whupped us".

Changing your party affiliation is not difficult: but getting hundreds of thousands of voters to do so ? WE WILL NEED A LOT OF HELP TO GIVE THIS 'MOVEMENT' MOMENTUMl

There is anger and energy being misspent today on protests. Protests are not going to change the outcome of the election, and they will inevitably turn to riots; property will be damaged and lives will be lost. Diverting this energy to a 'movement' that will actually work should not be difficult, but I do not know how or where to promote the idea. PLEASE HELP.


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