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A Letter


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I need to speak my mind.


Donald Trump won the election. He is going to be the 45th President of the United States. Yea. I can't believe I said that either.


But until January 20th, his inauguration in where any point of ample criticism can turn into a potential circus complete with drones as lions, the FBI as tigers and maybe the Secret Service as bears, I can say this: this man has hurt me in a way I never thought possible.


The media refers to my generation as millennials. I see constant references to it, and I am not ashamed to admit it. And more importantly, I voted. I felt the burn ever since Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy. And when he lost I stood tall with Hillary. She got my vote more than just the reasons for disliking Trump's policies; she got my vote because I believed in her. I listened to her. And sooner or later, I got comfortable with seeing her in the Oval Office. I feel, strongly, that she is, one of the best presidential candidates we have ever had.


And I feel like I let her down.


People hated her for the most benign reasons. They hated her for words on a computer screen. How dangerous are words that are not spoken? How are they more dangerous than a man who claims that fame allows him to grab a woman any way he wants? Or deporting millions of Latinos? How is it more dangerous than labeling any Syrian Refugee with the label of terrorist? When all they are doing is trying to find a better life? And how is it more dangerous than a wall to keep all of those people from getting back in?


To be honest, I have no idea if Trump is building that wall to keep the Latinos and other immigrants out, or to keep us trapped inside.


And yet, despite all this, Hillary Clinton answered with dignity. She didn't dodge any allegation behind these emails, or the supposed corruption assumed to be there. She took them head on. She admitted to what she did was a mistake.


To be able to admit to a wrongdoing, that's a sign that she trusts us. It's a sign to play the Game of the People and let it go. But we didn't. It was too juicy.


She trusted us. And we slapped her across the face.


Hillary, if you are somehow reading this, allow me to say two things: (1) Thank you for reading this far, and (2) I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for not doing more. I'm sorry for not calling random strangers in Florida and asking them to vote for you. I have a degree in filmmaking! I could have done so much more! I could have made 200 videos in support of you, easily. But I didn't.


I thought, that human decency would win. That all voters will decide on their best interests not only themselves but their community and the world at large. And now, we pay the price for that vain thought.


Yet, most important of all. I am sorry I ever doubted you. I am sorry for thinking that you were part of a scandalous system. You are the catalyst to change that. And I am sorry for not listening.


2020 will be another chance. It has to. And if you ever decide to run again, just note that I will stand with you. I will stand with you, and that is not something I will ever apologize for.


This is Max Malik. Thank you for reading.

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