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New York Times gave Hillary 99% chance of winning.

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I was wrong too...


I thought she would win but close...



Some dope claimed she might get 400 electoral votes



Most polls have been wrong in the past. Time for journalists to leave that job to the psychics.

Whatever makes a buck. Yeah we gobbled it up but at least we didn't get suckered by an obvious fraud like Trump


Hillary was a fraud too. Both were horrible.

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Democrats have been depending on their spin machine to divert attention from the WikiLeaks revelations. Russian conspiracies, vague claims of fabricated emails without proving one single release has been fake, and claiming the content of the emails are benign without reading them have been the most frequently used damage control tactics attempted by Clinton partisans.


...The WikiLeaks release of emails from Podesta have largely vindicated critics of Clinton. Nearly every defense and diversion regularly employed by the campaign to defend Clinton’s abhorrent political record has been debunked.

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