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Wow, the left is melting down...

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Rejection of the continuation of oblameo madness should not be too hard to understand. The mandate given to Trump is beyond the grip of the libbers because their entire safe place is collapsing. PC and bending to the desires of lying criminals has been rejected. ACA has been rejected. Leading from behind and smart power foreign policy has been rejected. The economy is in bad shape and SANDERS told his followers before being stabbed in the back by the DNC and Washerwoman Schlitz. FEEL THE BURN YET? oblameo has handed the Congress, the Presidency, and the majority of State Governors to the GOP. Total rejection. Clean out the swamp.

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Trump, in his acceptance speech (which, to give him credit, was pretty good), claimed that it was time to heal the wounds.


Never mind that he and his Party are the ones who CAUSED the wounds, healing them is still the right idea.


Whether he can do it, or whether he even intends to try, will be evident between now and about the time of the SOTU: whether he goes forward with this bizarre special prosecutor crap, by who he names to his Cabinet, by whether he lays down the law to the Republicans in Congress to get along with the Dems, and probably above all by whom he nominates to the Supreme Court.


Hint: bumping Comey to AG, or naming Sarah Palin as Interior Secretary, is not likely to heal anything.

Good cover.

You're reading too much into some isolated incidents in a very big population.

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