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Anyone else pick up on Putin's coded message to Hillary

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Between Putin and "reset" and van Jones with "whitelash". Pretty much sums up foreign and doemectic terrorism played out philosophically and psychologically on the world stage.


Silent majority is ready around the world. karma and natural balancing self contained to now will return what was done exponentially to all points of distortion, distraction, disruption, destruction simultaneously as directed within hyperbole defining actual displacement kinetically connected while here as separated currently.

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you won so now you are going to kill us anyway

I didn't win anything. Life is an adapt or become extinct existence while now alive. Surviving educated stupdity directing social outcomes at the expense of everyone else's ancestry is a win.


Want central control of global elitism, you won, now learn why it never worked more than 4 generations historically while children, adults, parents, grandparents, great grandparents are alive simultaneously in a space of spaced apart currently. Not as scheduled by clocks and calendar speculatiuon when existing as one of a mind that only obeys what was established to deny the self evident institutionally.

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