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Hillary Concession Speech her best Ever

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Vladimir Putin’s goal seems inescapable: He wants to destabilize our democracy in the long term and to damage Hillary Clinton and get Donald Trump elected in the short term. Trump’s chilling embrace of Putin only bolsters this conviction.

Among the worst-case scenarios: Russia hacks into digital voting machines and manipulates next month’s election results. At this point it doesn’t seem far-fetched.

Covert attempts by a nation to influence another’s elections and politics are hardly new. The CIA’s forays into South America, Central America and Eastern Bloc nations during the Cold War are obvious examples. But cyber tools have taken the practice to a whole new level of sophistication, and cyber conflict is a relatively lawless frontier of foreign relations.





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Her speech was OK. Mine would be too if i was 1/2 of the greatest con in American History. Willie and hilarity are worth at least 200 million and they have already set up many trusts to make sure the taxman gets nothing. Their pal Buffett showed them how to screw the IRS legally. Trump might have helped them in their new found tax dodging schemes. Hilarity once turned $1000 into $100,000 in futures trading. hahahaha.

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You cons don't know what you've done. You've discarded an experienced public servant of more than 30 years who could have helped this country move forward. You traded it all in for a self-serving egomaniac. I hope you suffer accordingly.

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