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Liberal "POLLING"... Inaccurate as ALWAYS...

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Hillary and Obama playing NICE all of a sudden... If I'm Trump, I don't say a WORD publicly about the Hillary investigations... BUT, I :


1) Do a HOUSE CLEANING of the DOJ, AND the FBI's top leaders (both Comey and his deputy... and ANYONE ELSE with close ties to the Clintons), and then I tell them that their JOB #1 is to reinstall CONFIDENCE in the rule of LAW in America... and THAT begins with cleaning up Washington Corruption. Let the Clinton Foundation chips fall where they may.


2) I establish a "bi partisan" independent commission to investigate Washington Corruption and pay for play schemes, identify ways to END the practice, and prevent it in the future... ask for a series of recommendations, and implement all possible... maybe 10 YEAR waiting period for lobbyist jobs after public service, Campaign finance reforms, Term limits...


3) Conduct a HOUSE CLEANING of the IRS... anyone involved in the targeting scandal are fired IMMEDIATELY, and any "partisan HACKS" are asked to resign or fired. Maybe better is to pass a Consumption tax, instead of an income tax, and ELIMINATE the IRS !!


4) Establish bi-partisan independent commissions for Economic revitalization and controlling the debt., Immigration reform and a

guest worker program that WORKS, elimination of the DOE, and the EPA !


5) Repeal and replace Obamacare !!


6) END all of Obamas Executive actions, and ALL of the EPA's regulations over the last 8 years !!


THAT woulf be a g

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