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Latest MSNBC news poll

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That is the channel I watched all night. They were visibly stunned. Rachel Maddow stated that Roe vs Wade has never been in such jeopardy. They all went on and on about the uneducated white male vote. That means you, redneck gun nutters.

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Hitlery Rotten Clinton's Base:


- Poor

- College Indoctrinated

- Black

- Women


They may answer the phone, but...


- n!ggers won't go out because they are on drugs.

- Women will get lost on the way.

- Poor don't care.

- College Indoctrinated will be too busy on-line gaming in their two mommies' basement.


They won't vote.


See ya at the Polls November 8th.







The White House

Hitlery Rotten Clinton

will be Enjoying...


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