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First thing Trump was right about....

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I wasn't going to gloat, the crushing defeat speaks for itself. However, seeing as you guys are rioting in California and Shintao is throwing a tantrum I thought this was worth at least saying a few things.


I don't need Trump to get everything he said done. I don't care if he makes Mexico pay for a wall as long as a wall gets built. I don't care if Hillary is thrown in prison because justice was delivered at the ballot box. Her days are over. She has been exposed. I do expect him to repeal Obamacare.


I am relieved we won't be starting shit with Russia just to make Hillary look "tough."


All the crap you have put America through for over 8 years. All the lies, all the distortions.... Blaming us for every little fucking thing you guys did wrong. Any legitimate complaint about liberalism became some problem with conservatism. You have been calling us racists, bigots, misogynists, idiots, homophobes, yada yada..... All this because we have legitimate grievances that an arrogant man-child president wouldn't acknowledge. Seriously, we were supposed to sign on with importing combatants from terrorist nations, giving Iran a path to a nuke and having a path way for non-citizens to vote and have free shit. What the fuck were you thinking?


The best part is that your own corruption fucked you over big time. You cheated so you could fuck over your only chance Bernie. You dropped a guy who was sincere and had a certain magnetism so you could nominate one of the most corrupt and self-serving politicians of American history. A woman who is so shrill that is reminds you of nurse ratchet.


Well fuck you. I don't care if you burn down some buildings in California. I hope the global warming in your fucking desert spreads it over all of the liberal hell holes. The rest of America, I am proud of you.

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