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Congratulations to President Donald Trump!

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I've supported The Don from the very beginning, and again, I am a African American/Hispanic, military veteran too. A lot of people thought that The Don couldn't win this-but I didn't, and neither did most military veterans.
We need a huge change in this country, because it is going in the wrong direction. People are working real hard just to make ends meet, but are still getting their homes devalued by the thieving banks, and can't sell them for any appreciation value either.


Chapter 61 veterans can't even get the retirement that they have rightfully earned from the military, but are treated like sh!t by their branches of service, and blamed for getting hurt in the military defending this country. Many of them are having to live on public assistance, because the pocket change they get from the V.A. is just not enough, and they can't work! These veterans need relief, and we are all sisters and brothers because we all served this country. Therefore, the rest of us just can't sit back and let this happen to the chapter 61 veterans without saying something. They may not have gotten hurt during war time, but they still got hurt serving this country, so they do deserve what the rest of us got, which is the military retirement they rightfully earned from their branches of service. I truly hope that Donald Trump will make this happen for all of them, because they really deserve this. I hope President Trump will make this right for all chapter 61 veterans.


And, I knew that The Don would win, that is why I maintained my loyalty from day one. Congratulations to him, and I look forward to seeing the latest fashions by his wife, Melania.

President Donald Trump-Yeah!

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