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Now that it's OVER... and Trump has WON... YOU HAVE to REALIZE how POWERFUL the Establishment Media, Elites, and the Puppet Politicians were... to control the Media, and the Polls, and the Message... so COMPLETELY !!


To believe THOSE SOB's, Trump NEVER had a CHANCE !! Well, He ABSOLUTELY did have a chance! BUT, you HAD to look through the BULL SHIT to see it !!


Donald Trump, the NEXT President of the United States... and let the draining of the SWAMP begin !!


OH, and ALL the RINO's, who said Trump would get DESTROYED in the election, and cost Republicans the House, and the Senate... and it would be a DISASTER...


IF ANYONE, EVER believes ANY of those RINO SOB's EVER again... I have lost ALL respect for you... (Romney, McConnell, and MANY others), because THEY were as bad, or EVEN WORSE than Hillary !!

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