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If Trump Wins, No More Mr. Nice Guy

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You just went to the top of the list. And pissing yourself won't help. No mercy.

you fucking pussy whos ass are you going to whip!


fucking faggots being tuff lol


obama is probably so upset he cant take it up the ass tonight

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It looks like Trump wins, if he wins, by sweeping the rural regions and the white working class areas of the nation.


Which is hilarious, because if anyone thinks that Trump gives a flying damn about rural or working class issues, they're crazier than he is.

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Shut up dumb fuck!


Stop marginalizing whites. I am allowed to be fucking white....it isn't a fucking crime!


Don't you get it yet?Your rhetoric is done. You are beaten. You globalist allies have been smoked. We are allowed to exist here, own guns, and be free.



SO FUCK YOU! YOU ARE DONE! Trump will make America great again!

So you think Trump is just going to ignore you and everything will be hunky dory?


See, above, what I said about "crazier than he is".

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This thread is not an idle threat. Verbal assault is what you cons have in store for you. I intend to pull no punches, you bitches, you punks. I've never been bested. And I have no intention of starting now. You've been warned.

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