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Ever use the bathroom at someone's house only to be embarrassed by the "certain air" you've left behind?


Unfortunately, toilets don't come with built-in air fresheners. So when the bathroom is packing more pew than a church, don't despair. With an ounce of prevention and a pound of ingenuity, you may be able to leave the powder room daisy fresh after all.


First and foremost, reduce odors by flushing the toilet as soon as you can. The quicker the flush, the less the odor.


Ventilate! Open a window or turn on the exhaust fan. Most bathrooms have exhaust fans above the toilet. Just make sure you've turned on the fan and not the heater portion of the fixture. Leave it running even after you leave the bathroom.

In addition to the above solutions, check your purse to see if you have any of the following items that might serve as an air freshener hack.

  • Fragrant hand lotion: Apply it liberally to your hands then wave your hands in the air. Some people go so far as to squirt a bit of lotion into the commode.
  • Hair spray: The heavier the fragrance, the better when it comes to this emergency air freshener. Again, a puff in the air and one in the toilet works wonders.
  • Breath spray: Made to eliminate odors, a few sprays will handle the problem beautifully.
  • Perfume/cologne: If you're lucky enough to have a small vial of perfume with you, your troubles are over. One sprinkle and odors are gone.



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Hitlery Rotten Clinton's Base:


- Poor

- College Indoctrinated

- Black

- Women


They may answer the phone, but...


- n!ggers won't go out because they are on drugs.

- Women will get lost on the way.

- Poor don't care.

- College Indoctrinated will be too busy on-line gaming in their two mommies' basement.


They won't vote.


See ya at the Polls November 8th.







The White House

Hitlery Rotten Clinton

will be Enjoying...


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You’ve probably heard this more than once: “Wash your hands—and use lots of soap and hot water!”

As it turns out, washing your hands properly is one very simple way to keep yourself healthy. Here are tips to do it right, as recommended by Dr. Lamont Sweet, Deputy Chief Health Officer for the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island.


  • To wash your hands, you need lots of regular soap and lots of water.
  • The temperature of the water is not important, despite common belief. It has no effect on a good scrub’s germ-fighting abilities.
  • How long should you wash your hands for? Allow for two minutes (or, at the very least, 20 seconds of rigorous scrub time after lathering, as recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).
  • Put effort into scrubbing not only palms and fingers, but also the backs of hands and the skin between the fingers where germs can continue to reside.


  • Before and after your hands are near your face.
  • Before eating and cooking.
  • After using the bathroom, blowing your nose, and sneezing into a hand.
  • After changing diapers.
  • After handling any kind of meat or garbage.
  • After touching animals or cleaning up after them.

And here’s an economic solution: Use boiled potatoes to cleanse hands. They work as well as common soap and keep the skin soft and healthy. You can also try making your own homemade soap to avoid the chemicals in some store-bought brands.

Want more great tips to stay germ-free? Try these instructions on bathroom cleaning and kitchen cleaning, and make sure all that hard work you put in is really keeping your home healthy.

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DON’T Keep Pet Food Past Its Expiration Date:


Pet food expiration dates (sometimes known as “best by” or “use by” dates) are established to ensure the safety of the food for your dog or cat. These dates are often found on the side or the bottom of the pet food package or can. Can’t find the date? Call the pet food manufacturer. They can easily instruct you as to where the expiration date can be found. Don’t take the risk by feeding your pet expired food.

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