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How To Destroy The GOP Once And For All

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I think we can all agree that Republicans are for the most part beyond redemption. This is not about their political core because they have no core political or otherwise.


Republican come in some basic flavors:



1. Criminal elite: They have big money and no morals. They are amoral. You'd have a better chance of domesticating a shark that you would a Criminal Elite Republican.



2. The Deplorables make up about 70% of them. The are generally irredeemable and probably not worth the effort. Jesus himself would fling them into hell. We need to frustrate them and make examples of them



3. The Mildly Stupid and Ignorant: Ignorance is bliss to a CON and facts frighten them but they are not unreachable. I estimate that they are maybe 15% of the GOP. The way to get them is to kill them with kindness. It takes time and while they may have some actually conservative core values they may change when they see the depravity of the filthy rich.



4. The Very Stupid: While on average Republicans have significantly lower IQ scores than conservatives, stupid people are not neccessarily evil but they are easily led and co-opted. While mostly immune to logic IMO they can be taught rudimentary critical thinking and right from wrong.


Theoretically we can co-opt 30% of the GOP base but that would be very optimistic. With less than 5% of them with us the Republicans could never win another election.


How do we do this?


The facts bear it out. Republicans are shameful. Shame their base. Republican is synonymous with liar, thief, cheater, hypocrite, greedy, averice, lust, womanizer and pedophile. Use social media to expose the evil that is Republicanism.



They are Christards


The Bible is easy to debunk and Christards have never actually studied the Bible. Destroy their fucked up God and their mind rot will stop. Take away that evil crutch.


Be patient with them


Remember these people are are brainwashed and have lower than average intellectual capacity than us. You are not going to change them over night. But continued exposure to facts will penetrate their thick skulls. Be persistant!


Don't waste your time on the 70%!


You will rarely find many altruistic people and the ones you will find will be left of center or center. There are no good Republicans but some are neutral like most people. They are the ones who can be changed.

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The Bible is easy to debunk

This is quite true.


and Christards have never actually studied the Bible.

Also quite true.

Destroy their fucked up God and their mind rot will stop. Take away that evil crutch.


This is actually impossible. The Bible is presented to them when they are young and incapable of reason. Their belief in it is not likely to be destroyed by logic of any sort.


The GOP is based on fear of the unknown and greed for the unattainable.

I agree that a large majority of those who instinctively vote for the GOP are unreachable. There are those who still believe that Bush's war in Iraq was justified, that all Muslims are terrorists, that the border with Mexico should be sealed, (despite the fact that Mexico is normally our first or second most significant trading partner) .

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Welcome to the Super unknown

1. ‘Build a wall’ — and make Mexico pay for it.

2. Ban Muslims from entering the United States.

3. ‘Bring manufacturing (jobs) back.’

4. Impose tariffs on goods made in China and Mexico.

5. Renegotiate or withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement and Trans-Pacific Partnership.

6. ‘Full repeal of Obamacare’ and replace it with a market-based alternative.

7. Renegotiate the Iran deal.

8. Leave Social Security as is.

9. Cut taxes.

10. ‘Bomb’ and/or ‘take the oil’ from ISIS.


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I TOLD you Liberal MORONS... it is a REBIRTH...


And with a President, a House of Representatives, and Senate... AND with the power of EXECUTIVE ACTIONS that Obama showed us were COMPLETELY OK (and ALL Democrats agreed)...


There will be some changes... because there is a NEW Sheriff in town !! GET READY LIBS... the SWAMPS are ABOUT to be drained... and a LOT of people are Going to JAIL !!

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Very conservative supporters OWN the electronic computerized voting machines !!!


Koch money has big influence in Wisconsin!!!

The DNC screwing Bernie Sanders screwed the democrats ......

Too many voters stayed home and they may never realize the impact.

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