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As I Visit Mary Jane (Part X) (Election Eve Special)

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I gotta say

This election was very telling

I'm glad I got to see the rise of nationalism and protectionism

Too bad it was trump

He isn't a true protectionist

He is Nationalism light

Now both nationalism and protectionism will be associated with trump

I don't like trump

Not voting trump

Can't do it

I could've held my nose and voted trump if he would just not call to violate the constitution

I understand trump isn't out to purposely destroy the nation

I may not like him but he is the lesser of the evils


I can't roll like that

I can't consent


But I do understand why people support him and if he wins, at least he is not HRC

Itll be a disaster, but not by design


HRC on the other hand is like an evil witch

Good God

Threatening Russia

Free Trade

The domestic spying

She wants a no fly zone over Syria

That's the evil in her

Go look up the quotes

That'll mean war with Russia

What the fuck????!!!!!

She knows it

She just don't give a mad fuck

That's the scariest thing about her

The bloodlust

Pure Globalist

This is Globalist policy

America is just a tool to a world government to HRC


Full blown


If she wins its going to be crazy

The iron fist of a traitorous Globalist

Fuck the Constitution

Fuck America


Globalism Dixie Mob style


If people cared more about the Constitution then we wouldn't even be in this situation


The best one side can have is trump

The best quality is that he isn't going to purposely fuck shit up?

That's fucked up


The best the other side gave us is the wild maniac HRC?

I can't say anything good about HRC except that maybe she will be so brazen that people will realize party doesn't matter, tyranny is tyranny

That's pretty fucked up too


So as the Skywalker blunt turns to a roach and finally killed, my thought is that we need to get our shit together because things are fucked up right now

America is fucked up right now

She is not who She is supposed to be

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