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Latest National Polls Show Trump With Growing Lead

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BREAKING: Latest National Polls Show Trump With Growing Lead

Two national tracking polls show Donald Trump in the lead over Hillary Clinton in the closing days of the election, one with Trump showing a massive lead.

In the Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California Dornsife tracking poll, Trump leads by a margin of 48.2 percent to 42.5 percent, a margin of almost 6 points. Meanwhile, the Investors Business Daily tracking poll — one of the most accurate polls in recent electoral history — shows Trump leading by 1 point, 44 percent to 43 percent.

Both polls were conducted before FBI Director James Comey announced (again) he wouldn’t be recommending any prosecution against Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information on her personal email server when she was secretary of state. However, it showed just how far her alienation of middle America — particularly male voters — was hurting her.

In the Los Angeles Times poll, Hillary had a 4.9 percent advantage among women. However, this was easily offset by a 16.3 advantage among men.

Also, among Hispanics — thought to be a strength for Clinton, given Trump’s strong stance against illegal immigration — Hillary only held a 3 percent lead.

This has caused pundits, like longtime election watcher Charlie Cook, to reassess their take on whether Trump can win.

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“The race is in a different place than eight or nine days ago when there was virtually no path for Trump,” Cook, who had already called the race for Hillary Clinton, told The Hill on Saturday. “So yes, like everyone else, we’ve revised our assessment.”

Of course, WikiLeaks and the Anthony Weiner emails just confirmed what most of us had known for a while: Hillary Clinton was still her old self, cynical, dodgy and uninspiring. This is what has every Hillary staffer freaking out right now, and with very good reason.

The threat of her being charged may be over, at least for now, but that doesn’t mean this tired, poxed leopard has changed her spots. One would hope that everyone remembers that as they make their way to the polls on Tuesday.


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