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Butch Flaccidy's Battered Prison Anus

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Butch Bitch Flaccidy has made many many death threats towards me. Many of you have seen read them. Bitch may be going to prison. (I can't say here whether he's been incarcerated before this or has a previous criminal record as it is not allowed here on LF) Let's for sake of argument ASSume that Bitch will receive a prison term for all the death threats he made against me and others. Because Bitch is a pudgy little White bitch he's going to be raped a lot in prison. The question is, how will he fare being a prison BITCH?


Is his poop shoot sufficiently stretched to handle rigors of a prison bitch?


Will they keep in the SHU Special Housing Unit with the other pedophiles?


Will they tear him a new asshole causing him chronic anal fissures?


Will his asshole ever again make noise when he farts?

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