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Trump has to be treated like a child because no one on his staff trusts him.

That's so damning.


People speculate as to whether Trump's personality disorders are a result of nurture or nature. It's probably both. FDR was indulged as a child and he was a great man. People with the cluster B disorders even with the best parenting often turn out to be assholes and are often therapy resistant. Trump was a problem child and his father had to send him to military school.


Little Donny was a lot like candidate Donald Trump - Washington Post


If we apply the Freudian model of Id, ego and super ego, Trump is most of the time in full blown id. Id is the greedy undisciplined who believes the world revolves around him. Super ego is the thing that controls the Id. Ego is a balance of the Id and super ego.


People like Trump constantly use personal pronouns.


It is sad that Trump has passed on so much of his DNA.

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