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Worst election in a century.

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SpyCar: Yes, it is.Bill

You're not very articulate. I guess whatever the Party tells you to think is what you think.

Brevity is not synonymous with inarticulacy.

It's OK - as a moron con, your illiteracy is a foregone conclusion.

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Nah. Trump is going to lose.


It will be a good election, with one very bad loser.


We will dodge the risk of becoming a Putin tributary.



trump will win and you libs will have to pay taxes and for your aids medicine

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You're dumb. I'm not a con. And nothing I said would justify you claiming that.

You cons whores are so funny.


"I'm NOT a republican! I'm...I'm...I'm actually a DEMOCRAT! Yeah! But here are all these lies about Clinton to stop you voting for her!"



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it's very telling you can't answer a simple question



It's very telling that you can't provide a link.


And that you have a minor following you around like a puppy dog after your interest in a bogus rape allegation against Trump involving a supposed 13 year old.

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