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I did not write this..

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  • I did not write this. I cut and pasted it, but it's too good to be a response to someone else's posting. Enjoy!

  • Since Donald Trump is running for president based upon his success as a lifelong business executive, it begs the question: "Where are all the thousands, hundreds, dozens, even 2 business associates from his present and his past who are going on record in support of his candidacy?" If Trump is so good a business leader, where are his business partners who are promoting him for president? Hillary Clinton has more leading republicans supporting her than Trump has business friends supporting him. How is it that Trump can claim to be successful when it appears that nobody who has worked for him or with him over the years is on his campaign team or being quoted by his campaign as on his side in this race? The answer is that Trump cares only about himself. The only people who support him are his immediate family and people who don't know him. The media is not destroying his image. It is faithfully represented by the horrible, ugly, embarrassing things he says and does while on camera. In his case character assassination is unnecessary because he is living proof that he has no character to assassinate. If Hillary had said the things Trump did about John McCain or the gold star family, she would have been accused of treason against the military and all that republicans hold dear. She would have been forced to drop out of the race because republicans would have claimed that she was temperamentally unfit and would have demanded that she be immediately arrested and convicted of treason. When Trump says those insane things, the right shrugs and says well he is just rough around the edges and boys will be boys. Even responsible republicans admit that Trump is extremely dangerous and totally unqualified for a position of authority.


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Whoever wrote that didn't think. Why would an owner of a business, large enough to work on projects of the scope of his, get involved in actively supporting ANY candidate for public office. Not everyone has the same political leanings. Why risk pissing off developers that support another candidate? Doesn't make sense from a business standpoint. Supporting financially (as an individual) is different as virtually nobody goes through FEC filings that closely.


Think about it. If you are an ardent supporter of Hitlery and needed someone for a huge project, would you pick someone who supported Trump (assuming the abilities/means/reputations) of possible partners were relatively equal?


Just my opinion.


Need an example? Attendance at Maverick games is down. Is it the result of the slow start or Cuban's adamant support of The Hildabeast? Going to need to wait until they start winning to know that answer.

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