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Inside Donald Trump’s Last Stand: An Anxious Nominee Seeks Assurance -

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He's falling to pieces

Actually Trump's current position as we approach Election Day very much resembles this....





On the evening of Nov. 8th, the flatulent flaming fascist gasbag will be doing this.....





By Nov. 10th, scavengers will be picking over the bones of his campaign.....



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Many Republicans decided that Mr. Trumps already shaky campaign was over. Some despondent young staff members at the Republican National Committee on Capitol Hill, who usually work late into the night in the final stretches of a campaign, took to leaving their desks early, in time for happy hour at bars. They complained that Mr. Trump had not just lost the election but was dragging down House and Senate candidates, dooming the entire party.



In the final days of the presidential campaign, Mr. Trumps candidacy is a jarring split screen: the choreographed show of calm and confidence orchestrated by his staff, and the neediness and vulnerability of a once-boastful candidate now uncertain of victory.


Good article Pogo

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