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Hip Surgery

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Three Patients Limp Into Three Different Doctors’ With The Same Complaint.


They All Have Trouble Walking And May Require Hip Surgery.


Patient 1.


Is Examined Within The Hour, Is X-Rayed The Same Day,


And Has A Time Booked For Surgery The Following Week.


The Total Cost For The Operation Is $2400.00



Patient 2.


Goes To The E.R. Is Examined Within The Hour, Is X-Rayed the Same Day, and Has A Time Booked For Surgery The Following Week, Gets No Bill For Copay Or Deductible.


In Fact Gets No Bill At All.


Total Cost For This Patient $0.00.

Patient 3.


Sees His Family Doctor -After Waiting 3 Weeks For An Appointment, Then Waits 8 Weeks To See A Specialist.


Gets An X-Ray, Which Isn't Reviewed For Another Week, And Finally Has His Surgery Scheduled For 6 Months From Then, Pending The Review Board's Decision On His Age And Remaining Value To Society.


Gets Bill For Deductible Which Is $7,500.00 And Has A Copay Of 20% Which Equals $6,000.00.


Total Cost For This Citizen $13,500.00.

Why The Different Treatment For The Three Patients?



Patient 1. Is A Golden Retriever Taken To A Vet.


Patient 2. Is An Illegal Alien.


Patient 3. Is On Obamacare.

Advice ......If Hillary Wins The Election, Find A Good Vet!


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