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No offense Iowa, but how in the hell do you support Trump???

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Considering the fact that Trump said "How stupid are the people of Iowa?", and that he's gonna win Iowa???


To me it is truly mind-boggling. For God's sake where is the dignity and self-respect of the Iowans?


They're gonna vote for the asshole that deeply insulted them?


Iowans are not stupid, that's why its so disturbing they're gonna let Trump win their state.


Iowans are better than that!!!


Aren't they???


It is disgraceful that the good folks of Iowa, backbone of the Midwest, are actually going to reward Trump for calling them stupid...


So bizarre, so freaking bizarre!!!

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They like being called stupid I guess.

And maybe they followed your advice...




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• Location:Missouri

Posted Yesterday, 06:46 AM

I met with trump the other day just to throw him a few mill.

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