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It Could Be Worse -- Or Could It?

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It could be worse -- or could it?

As chaotic and depressing as this election season is, it could be worse.

It could be more depressing if "my candidate" had a chance of winning...

... because that would mean that I were foolish enough to have a favorite candidate out of this mess.

It could be worse if more time, effort, and money were diverted into the ridiculous circus of electoral politics. Well, maybe it can't get much worse since the resources WASTED on electoral politics in the USSA are enough to get most third-world countries out of depression. C'mon, democracy is a leech that drains the economy while enabling the rich and powerful to control the outcome.

It's not my fault. I don't vote. And their money, ads, slogans, and debates don't sway me. I stay above the fray.

But professional electioneering is everybody's problem because so many resources, which could be put to better uses, are wasted on such a pyramid of scams. Jobs for political consultants and lip-flappers do not do much to revive a decrepit economy.

It could be worse if the candidates and their respective teams dropped to even lower depths of depravity in their pandering for votes. It is hard to imagine those deeper depths, considering the level of the current playing field, but it can always get worse, and likely will in the future.

It could be worse if more people were hoodwinked and brainwashed to accept that this is the way to achieve liberty, freedom, prosperity, and all of the good things that the free-market provides. And it continues to get worse in the area of freedom of thought, as the establishment minions overwhelm any contrary opinions.

Every browser or webpage opened seems to have the "go vote" or "here's where you can vote" or similar propaganda information at the top. Of course, this is election season. They are all doing what is "politically correct" for them. None have even considered the logically obvious alternative of not playing the game.

For nearly a year the most important thing everybody in the country (and world) is supposed to think about is "who will be the next US president". That is diverting a lot of attention from things a lot more important.

Consider what could have happened in your life if you had put the time and effort that you used in following, or being "involved in", electoral politics into things that had real value and/or meaning to you, your family, and your community.

I know a lady who chose to volunteer her time to walk homeless dogs at the local animal shelter to get them ready for adoption. I consider that considerably more worthy than walking precincts to "get out the vote" for some scumbag candidate or political machine.

Doesn't it seem to make sense that choosing to do some positive things, rather than blathering about politics, would be better for our immediate families, our communities, and the world?

For me and my allies, being Veto-Voters is a statement of positive change.

We choose to do good over doing evil. We refuse to continue to follow the myrmidon herders and refuse to vote for the "supposedly lesser" of the evil maniacs. Not voting is a positive reaction to a serious problem in our society.

May the non-initiation of force be with you, is our blessing to you and yours.

May you stay above the fray. Halt! Vote!

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