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Will Hillary sick the NSA on deplorables?


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Hillary will definitely be doing some cleaning up when she takes office. Trump squawks about revenge and getting even with 3am tweets. Hillary will make em dissapear never to be heard from again. The FBI is shitting in its shorts realizing that their coup was a failure. Yup it's gonna be cleanup time.

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The Founders were "Deplorables", Comrade.


That's why we have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


Nazi Democrat National Socialists like yourself...?



You gonna be shitting your pants when they come to "talk" to you


LOL damn you are a pothead

Your last hope is Miracle Max

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The NSA is watching the CONS here and the alt-Right everywhere. The right-wing militias have been infiltrated for decades and they know it.


They are well aware of the Alt-Right subversives. The bitches here are on the RADAR as are the people close to them. You can bet they have shared files on many of the liars. For instance, if they thought BitchFlaccidy was a threat they have grounds to arrest him and give him prolonged detention.


Many years ago I filed a complaint on another criminal who had stolen from me. I spoke with a police lieutenant who warned me about how dangerous this punk was. He served time for going after a patrolman with a sword. I was told that if I took a bat to the guy I would not be arrested. I ran into him in an after hours club. I was not his only enemy there. We followed him into the men's room and while he was pissing he got his head slammed into tile wall and he was knocked out cold. His fingers and ribs were broken and he was pissed on. He got the message.


Nobody likes these alt-right losers especially LEOs because they are the ones who ambush our cops. They are at our mercy.

We already have the hound and he's super lame. Get new material


I don't beat the shit out of losers like you. I allow them to rack up more and more charges. Feel like threatening my life again loser?

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