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Anything redeeming about Hillary?

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So liberals, you are excited about continuing your monopoly. I have a genuine question for you. Is there any reason why the other half of America should feel America is on a good course? Do you harbor any concern for the other half of the population or do you plan to spend the next 4-8 years just crushing opposition? Do you plan to just keep fucking over black America, inciting racial violence and cheating? Are you looking forward to another generation of retards who can't think for themselves or find opportunity?


What exactly do you think is the endgame here anyway? Do you think Hillary is going to crush all opposition? Do you think she is the next messiah because she has defeated the caricature evil Republicans you envision? I really want to know. What is it that drives you besides your hate for Republicans? I don't see the benefit to Hillary except "she isn't Trump." Why on Earth did you fools elect such a god awful person? At least with Bernie there was something redeeming.

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