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Muslim Hygiene Strikes Again

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****************************************************************************************Chef washes butt in kitchen sink for this reason ...

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Jimbo hates anyone and everyone not like Jimbo.


If God had been seriously into hygiene, he would not have designed so many animals that could lick their own assholes, He would not have designed Jimbo in such a way as he could touch both his mouth and his asshole with his hands.


Think about it: the T Rex is designed more hygienically than dogs, cats or Jimbo.

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DAILYKENN.com -- Mahbub Chowdhury doesn't use toilet paper for cultural reasons.

Chowdhury was a chef in Curry, England.

According to investigators, Chowdhury filled milk bottles with water which he used to wash his bottom. The bottles — covered with brown fingerprints — were stored under the kitchen sink in his restaurant.

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