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Obama encouraging illegals to vote …

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What bugs me is that too many out there bought that birth certificate and Hawaii ad announcement story.


The birth certificate was a cheap photoshop job, and it would be child's play for someone working in that newspaper, to delete an ad announcement from that date, and simply insert the Obama birth announcement. Unless somebody had an original printed newspaper from that day, basically next to impossible, then the ploy might work.


Notice there wasn't to my knowledge one investigation about the photoshop possibility or the newspaper insert.


Oh well it's spilled milk at this point. Obama will soon be gone, and the career criminal Crooked Hillary is the heavy favorite to take his place...as our country declines further into the leftist abyss.

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Wow..."I want all of you illegal hombres to VOTE for Seniorita Hillary on erection day"...Barack Obama


...Oh wait!

He never said that.

Can you BELIEVE IT? Bealoser LIED!

That's a first.






Uncle Beachy is pathetic.......

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