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The Trump movement will live on!

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Trump is the flavor of the day for small minded fickle Cons. After he loses Tues he will fade back into the dark and dirty underworld of Manhattan and some new Conservative Bozo will appear on the scene. One thing about Democrats, we arnt easily sold on who we choose to lead, we certainly do not hero worship and we stick with leaders like Hillary who has a time tested and proven record of accomplishments.

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Yea just like the Sarah Palin movement


The TRUMP movement, is, for ALL intents and purposes, and ANTI Establishment, ANTI Globalism, and ANTI Corruption MOVEMENT... EVERYTHING that the Democrat Party has become part and parcel of...


If Trump is elected, he will probably appoint Independent Prosecutors for Hillary... and Independent Commissions to investigate: 1) the IRS, 2) the Dept. of Justice, 3) Washington Corruption, and 4) Influence peddling... There will probably be DOZENS of recommendations to come out of that, as well as OTHER Independent Prosecutors, and there will be MANY "changes" to laws to prevent the Corruption from returning, and MANY will go to jail. He will ROLL BACK all Obama EPA Regulations (to kick start the economy), END Unfair trade (that is destroying our middle class), END Obamacare (and replace it), and thanks to Obama will PROBABLY feel unfettered to use "Executive Actions" to implement MANY things that the Congress (still knee deep in corruption) will resist...


I believe ALL OF THIS is something that the PEOPLE will respond positively to... and so, if congress resists the reforms (and they might), Trump will take the case to the people, and ask that they elect congressmen who will IMPLEMENT his reforms.. and they will either fall in line, or get shown the road...


AND, Like it or not, CHANGE will happen, and REGARDLESS what YOU THINK, or WHAT YOU WANT, it will happen... because it will NOT be for "the Special Interests" or "the Washington Cabal".. it will be for America... and Americans !! You think it will fade away? I doubt it !! Maybe, if the swamp is drained, and the corrupt are put in JAIL, we won't NEED it any more... HOWEVER, I think it may JUST AS WELL become a LARGER movement, a BOTH Democrats AND Republicans will be able to see the BENEFITS...



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Yea just like the Sarah Palin movement

Trump doesn't run liberty. Hell, he doesn't even represent liberty. However, reversing the misdirection from those governing global societal evolution regulating national identities at every household, Trump is the lesser of two evils society gives citizens to choose between, this election cycle.


There hasn't been a candidate to represent being human elected in the last 170 years. Hell George Washington was elected to represent idealism, but atleast he had a comprehension about time being an immovable entity and adapting in the moment was an irresistible force where nothing stays the same again now.


Called instinctive navigation without a word. 6 senses of knowing oneself as one of a kind while trapped in performing as one of a mind socially by rule of law. Direct eternal conflict enbedded in human thinking for 6,000 years. But how long is 6,000 revolutions around a star since the moment here has always been Eternity eternally adding details kinetically never duplicating anything twice and sustaining individual displacement all the time, universally?


Which came first, instincts or intellectual rule of law? One comes with conception the other changes every generation after birth.

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