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What's the Difference when people Vote??

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Conservatives are always wanting to limit the days that people can vote, so they can cut down polling places in minority areas to limit Democrat votes. On the other hand they seem to want (wink wink) to eliminate voter fraud, and catch these people before the electoral count.



So it makes logical sense, that voting should occur for the 30 days of November.



This would make it easier for workers to vote, so they wouldn't be asking for a day off. It would help the elderly seniors get to the polls. It would allow time to make sure everyone got their mail in ballots.



And lastly, it would allow time for poll workers to check ID, ballots, make phone calls, etc., so the election count would be accurate. It just makes sense 30 days is better than 3-5 or whatever, and should be the conservatives mantra.

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Hitlery Rotten Clinton's Base:


- Poor

- College Indoctrinated

- Black

- Women


They may answer the phone, but...


- n!ggers won't go out because they are on drugs.

- Women will get lost on the way.

- Poor don't care.

- College Indoctrinated will be too busy on-line gaming in their two mommies' basement.


They won't vote.


See ya at the Polls November 8th.





The White House

Hitlery Rotten Clinton

will be Enjoying...


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