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Trump might win BIGLY.

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Naaa, not a chance, Trumps biggest surge off the campaign has done petered out with Hillarys electoral advantage still impossible to beat for the screaming Orange Baboon. That and having the nuclear weapons of politics Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton, and many others pounding the shit out of the pavement for Hillary will swing her numbers right back to where they were before the phoney email Scandle round 4 report of last week.

Yea you Cons went with the bunker buster of lies with this whole thing last week but that caused Dems to unleash the nuclear option on yawl. Expect to see Willy, Barack, Bernie and others pound Trumps Orange ass into oblivion in the next 4 days.

Maybe yawl shoulda tried Benghazi again, ROTFLMAO!!!

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