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I'll be voting for someone who has DEFINED his positions on a LAUNDRY LIST of key issues, of which I agree with most of them... Something Hillary DID NOT do... or what she has defined, I disagree with.


Also, I'll be voting for someone who has, in his private life, built a BILLION dollar company, employed TENS or THOUSANDS of people, and was part of a VERY Successful reality show... Hillary? not so much.


I'll be voting for someone who has indicated he is FOR America, and Americans FIRST, who is NOT a Globalist, who is NOT an "elitist", and who has made every indication that ONE of his FIRST GOALS will be to clean up the corruption in Washington... Hillary IS THE CORRUPTION in Washington !


WHAT has HILLARY ever done that can compare to TRUMP? Screw Up Lybia, Syria and Iran? Get herself into TWO ACTIVE FBI investigations which might get here indicted and IMPEACHED if she's elected?? and Probably giving up GOD KNOWS how many secrets to MULTIPLE hostile foreign countries?



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