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BRIBERY, it's how politics works

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The rich donate BRIBES (campaign contributions) to politicians

who can then advertise to morons that this or that politician is

a great gal who will work for you and you and you when she has

never lifted a finger for anyone but herself (except to give you

her middle finger after the election.)


In turn, the elected politician ensures his continued re-election

by then passing tax laws that provide the rich shall pay no or

low taxes and are able to write off everything in their life including

charitable contributions to their own charity for themselves.


But you can not write off your old truck or your brown bag lunch

because you have not bribed anyone.


Similarly, if a politician wants some votes, she will tell suburban

moms she will give their little bastards 4 more years of free high

school courses, called college, so they can spend their own money

on drugs and alcohol.


BRIBERY, it's how politics works

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