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Indictment, Impeachment, IRS investigation

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If this were a movie or a book, no one would believe the story

line that one of the most corrupt princesses on the planet was

running for the President of the United States, the most

prestigious job on the planet.


Indictment, Impeachment, IRS investigation.


hillary will be indicted on criminal charges of leaking classified

materials affecting national security, of LYING to judges, the FBI,

congress, and the American people, of destruction of evidence,

of obstruction of justice.


hillary will be under IRS investigation for her FAILURE to pay

income taxes of money used for herself and for bill as individuals

instead of for "charity." The only charity is themselves.


hillary will be impeached for all of the above crimes even though

some congressmen are saying to calm down and back off because

congressmen are also BRIBED by the rich and their large corporations

to give hillary a pass and sweep her crimes under the rug.


There has not been such a bunch of criminals since the gotti crime

family and involvement of obummer and lynch in their crimes of being an

accessory after the fact since watergate nor hillary's LIAR surrogates since

bernie madoff, the ponzi scheme master of deceit.

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What is amazing and unbelievable is that a bunch of bureaucrats

in the attorney generals office, the FBI, and the white house,

who maybe went to law school are pretending to be real criminal

trial lawyers.


I have to agree with Judge Pirro who was a real trial lawyer, a

real prosecutor, and a real judge that hillary is a LIAR and a


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